Thursday 24 July 2014

Easy Table Rules - For use with all THW rules.

I like a big table with terrain and buildings as much as anyone, but...

I know there are times when you want to have a large city but don’t have enough buildings. I know I don’t. Here’s what I do:
·        Lay out an 18” x 18” area on the table. This is where your characters will resolve PEFs.
·        Take a piece of paper and make a nine section grid representing the nine sections of a table (BS&S page 38).
·        Populate each section of the paper table with the buildings you would like to see. Just draw them in. I use Power Point and I bet there are a number of free applications, or programs, that you could use to do the same thing.
·        Use markers or counters to represent your group of figures and any PEFs there may be on the paper table.
·        Lay the markers out on the paper table just like you were doing it on a real table.
·        Move them as you normally would, one section per activation, even diagonally.
·        When you contact a PEF or reach a section of the paper table that you want to explore, go to the 18” x 18” area of the real table and populate it with buildings as laid out in the section of the paper table.
·        By moving between the paper table and the 18” x 18” area on the real table you can create a large area to adventure in, making the most of the buildings you already have.

BS&S refers to By Savvy & Steel and specifically the upcoming New Market Round scenario book where this first appears.


  1. FYI, Google Drive has a powerpoint-like app. It can import PowerPoint files and export files a PowerPoint files. It has all of the functionality you need for doing a layout as you describe and it runs well on even modest hardware (e.g., I used it while on a business trip on my personal Chromebook to edit a 30+ page presentations with numerous images).

  2. Just smacked myself on the forehead while shouting, "DUH!". Brilliant.