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"Tommy Run" 5150 Urban Renewal AAR Part 2

Part One

In this AAR I will show you how to use Urban Renewal to build stories, create Encounters using these stories and flesh out your characters. The first part will be in "story form" while the second part will explain how I got there in "Game mechanics".
Billy got off the train at the Pub&Rec stop and headed down Silver Street towards the casino. It wasn't too crowded, as it was  the middle of the day. 

Waiting to cross the street, Billy looked up at the Vid-Board promoting the main event tonight. The  fight between Adonnis the Zhuh-Zhuh and a Razor named Kynnta. 

"Who you liking in this one?" the fellow asked.
Billy turned, shook his head and replied, "Not sure. This is going to be a good one. You going?" 
The Exec shook his head. "No, I'll catch the vids later. Lots of work to do. Nice talking to you," he said as the light changed.
"You too, take care." Billy said as he crossed the street.


Billy enters the Pub&Rec Area of New Hope City. Looking on the City Transit Map we see that there will be two PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces) for Billy to resolve. Because Urban Renewal is more of a story game, not a combat game like Star Army, I don't set up the table. I don't want to spend time setting up the table, moving the figures, then have the chance of no PEFs being resolved as contact. Instead, I roll to resolve ALL the PEFs for the Area, one after the other.

I resolve the 1st one and pass 1d6. This means "somethings going on" and future PEF resolution will be with 3d6.
     * I now resolve the 2nd PEF and have "contacted other characters" (page 105).
     * I roll for how many NPCs and it's only one (page 79 - but I've already memorized how it works).
     *I roll to see who it is and it's a Shaker (page 106), a Corporate Exec. I check my Character Journal and see that I haven't met one before.
     *I roll on the LWC Generator (page 106) and get his stats.
     *I roll a People Challenge (page 112) and score a result of Pleasant Response. That's it.

So in about 5 minutes I've resolved 2 PEFs, met one NPC and noted it on the Journal.  I now enter the Casino for a Chillin' Encounter while I wait for the Day Part to advance to Night when I can go to the fight and meet the employer.

Billy enters the Casino and heads to the buffet. Might as well get some food and drink before gambling. It's lunch time so there's a bit of a wait. While in line he strikes up a conversation with a woman and they are hitting it off pretty well. She tells him she works as a translator for the local Gaea Prime Bank in the Area. 
"Would you like to join me for lunch?" Billy asks.
"I'd love too," she says with a smile. "But I'm meeting a friend. In fact, her she comes now."

Billy sees a tall, well-groomed woman, coming towards them and she's not smiling.
"Who's this?" well-groomed asks.  
"Hi, I'm Billy," Billy says as he extends a hand and a smile.
"That's nice," is the sarcastic reply. "Glory, we've so much to catch up on. Oh, look, there's a table."
Glory turns to Billy, extends here Mobile  Com-link and smiles. "Sorry, but maybe next time. Call me."
Billy touches his Com-Link to hers and the info is exchanged. "Nice meeting you two," he says with a smile.
As the girls walk away, well-groomed  looks back and mouths "F&^% Y#$:" to Billy as they walk away. 
Entering the Casino Billy rolls for the Defining Moment (PEF) the one encounter in the  building that defines his stay.
I resolve it as two Female Basics, Translators, and here's a great example of how the People Challenge works versus multiple NPCs.

Billy rolls one set of dice and the results are applied to each NPC. 
     *Billy rolls 3 successes.
     *The Rep 4 Born Leader NPC scores 2 successes. This gives Billy a Positive response.
     *The Rep 3 Cruel NPC scores 4 successes. This give Billy a negative response.

I take this as the Rep 4 and Rep 3 have different opinions of Billy. But he did ask Glory to lunch. So the Rep 4 and Rep 3 take a People Challenge to see how they resolve it and the Rep 3 (anti-Billy) scores more so they won't have anything to do with Billy.

But I can see how valuable a Translator could be so I try one more People Challenge on the Rep 4 and Billy scores 4 successes more. She's swept off her feet and gives Billy a Party Favor - which I translate that into she gives him her contact info. I now write it on Billy's Journal.

Billy looks at his watch and sees it's time to head to the fight. Picking up his winnings he cashes out. Leaving the Casino he heads to the Convention Center.

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