Monday, 31 March 2014

Hospital 911 - ATZ - Kickstarter

In cooperation with Rebel Minis we'll be doing another Kickstarter called Hospital 911.Hospital 911 is a supplement for ATZ FFO that covers the first zombie outbreak in City Hospital USA.

Players are the first responders to the 911 call. You lead your SWAT Team into the hospital and must save the civilians and take out the zombies. And did we mention the gangers having a shootout in the Emergency Room?

Hospital 911 will be available in PDF and Printed form and playable with both 15mm and 28mm figures. Need figures? Well that's where Rebel Minis comes in with a batch of unreleased hospital staff, terrified civilians and more.

Look for Hospital 911 in a week or so and battle reports here on the blog.


  1. Superb Ed, looking forward to seeing and heairng more! I sense an influx of hosiptal themed card modelling! :)

  2. just love the rebel minis line for atz. can't wait to add new figs to my collection

  3. Will they do them in 28mm too?

  4. If the Kickstarter hits stretch goaks they could go to 28mm.