Thursday 22 September 2011

Shots Fired - News Team 3's Ashlynn Cooper Reporting

Last night Mack and I played the first Encounter for his first character a Mercenary.  Didn't get any pics from the game but here's a re-cap.
Mack and his boys went looking for a job and found one working for a local Trophy Wife. Seems she "lost" some jewelry and wanted Mack to do a deal for her. Meet the guy that had contacted her about recovering it, check the price, and then make the switch.

Mack met the guy, a Muggi Zhuh-Zhuh (think monkey in a boiler suit) and settled on a price. The deal was set to go down but either Monkey Boy wanted more cash or was trying to play Mack for a chump. Anyway, gunfight broke out and Boss Monkey and two others were seriously wounded. One Zhuh-Zhuh got away and Boss Monkey swears he has the stuff.
When last seen he was a prisoner of Mack and his boys.
More to come.


  1. Two of my boys gunned down! I hope they get the dirty rat-b*@#%@#s that did it.

  2. Looking forward to the release of these rules!!!

    Gotta ask...who makes Zhuh-Zhuhs and Muggie Zhuh-Zhuhs...15mm or 28mm?


  3. Eureka minis has boiler suit apes: