Saturday 10 September 2011

5150: New Beginnings Bat Rep - The Media Returns - Part One

The Media Returns - Part One

This was a solo game played using the 5150: New Beginnings rules from Two Hour Wargames.  5150: New Beginnings is the soon to be released Sci-Fi immersion game made for small party adventures. Here's a brief rundown of what the mission or Black Job would be.

Type: Raid

This would be a raid on an illegal production facility located outside of New Hope City.


The objective would be to take down all the people at the site as quickly as possible without allowing any to escape.


The Raid was paid for by the Prosperity Corporation.

Pre-Encounter Intel:

The Mega Corporation has an unparalleled Intel Network so the Pre-Encounter would be a 5.


Outside of NHC.  

Day Part:

Early - Before sunrise


Rural area treated as closed terrain and a water source.

Law Level:

The minimum, one, which would be equal to the Lower Income areas of NHC. With such a low Law level the chance for additional PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces) would be high.


Clear skies.


There would be three Possible Enemy Force markers deployed on the table at the start of the mission


P-Corp paid for a five- man private security team, all members being Rep Mercs with:
·         Combat Com-links
·         Helmet and Jackets
·         BA SMG
·         Flash Bang Grenades
Intel fixed the number of targets at seven Hishen, Grath or Razors or a combination of.


The Security Team will enter through section 9.
PEFs are placed in the center three sections of the table, 3, 6 and 9.

Special Instructions:

There is a Media Crew attached to the Team with "restrictive" access to the operation. The capture or killing of the entire enemy is of the highest priority.

Here's what the table looks like

Here's what happened - Click the pic to enlarge.

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