Wednesday 21 September 2011

5150: New Beginnings. It's all about the story.

In New Beginnings we've provided you with all the tools to create any type of game. The storyline is up to you. With a variety of character classes, over 50 professions to choose from, Alien races, and some pretty easy to use mechanics that allow your games  to go in any direction you want them to, the only thing limiting your game is your imagination.
Here's a simple Encounter I played out. I took a LWC - Law Abiding Working Class - into a uh, questionable part of New Hope City, to see what kind of good time he would have. 

Objective - Chillin' Encounter LWC is trying to find a "friend" to have a drink with. The friend will be the Target. When a PEF is resolved that has the same class as the target (Criminal Element) then LWC has found his Target,
Pre-Encounter Intel - None to speak of as this wasn't a Black Job.
Area - Outside the Space Port
Day Part - Late (after 3AM)
Terrain - Public Street with access to an alley
Law Level 2
Weather - Drizzly
PEFs 2
Characters - LWC Rep 3 Delivery Driver Fitness 3 People 2 Savvy 1 Science 0 Pistol
Rolled at random on the LWC Generator

Target - Escort
Deployment - LWC starts outside the club and ran into the first PEF. Lucky for him he ran into a Criminal Element resolution on the first contact. More lucky for him as his Target was in the CE class he was guaranteed to get the Escort and not a Ganger of Mugger which it  could otherwise have been. 
Let's pick it up from there.
Escort Rep 3 Fitness 2 People 3 Savvy 1 Science 0


  1. kmao Zombie strippers for the world!! woot woot

    Very good!

  2. wow. I thought Star Army was great, but this is amazing... and very different from Star Army.
    Can't miss it.

  3. I am very excited about this release; my skirmish figures will get a lot of play in Janitoria...

  4. What miniature is the first lady in the story? Seems to fit MM guy perfectly without belonging MM range.

  5. Maybe Ground Zero Games. It's really an old figure.

  6. I think the figure is probably "Seductive Sarah" (GC-33) from the Ground Zero Games' Adult Collectibles range. The rear view seems to fit pretty well with what I can see from the front in the online store.

  7. Nope, not a Razor. I'll try and get a couple of pics posted.
    Derek, you may be correct.

  8. Here's a link to Razor pics. Blue chick in the middle.