Monday 15 June 2020

5150 Star Army Citizen Soldier Coming Soon

Late at night, or is it early morning, in New Hope City. It all feels the same all the time. You’re making your way through the Pub & Rec Area when a bright light flashes on you and you here “Halt! NHC Police”. Really?

Two uniformed officers come up to you and start asking you questions. You know the routine; they ask you “sketchy questions” to trick you into saying something that they can deem “suspicious” to haul you in. It’s all about the arrests they make, it’s tied into their pay you think. Who knows, who cares?

They ask for ID; you reach inside your coat and pull it out. You see the look on their faces as first one reads it and then the other.

The tough guy stammers and apologizes, hands you your ID and stutters.

“Thank you for your service.”

You nod and walk away. It cracks you up every time it happens and at this hour it happens a lot. The looks on their faces and the apologies.

You’re a Citizen.


Gaea Prime is the center of the 5150 Universe and being a Gaea Prime Citizen puts you above the others.

“Isn’t everyone a Citizen?”

No; you must earn it. How do you earn it? You must serve at least ten years in the Gaea Prime Star Army.

Watch for the the Citizen Soldier Bat Rep coming soon!

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