Wednesday, 24 June 2020

5150 Star Army Citizen Soldier and 5150 Star Army Cestus V Now on Sale

Now on sale:
5150 Star Army Citizen Soldier - Rules for Infantry, Vehicles, Mechs and more the Table Top.

5150 Star Army Cestus V - Stand alone Campaign game with the basic rules and 16 Missions.


  1. I recently purchased the 5150 Star army second tour, what's the difference between that and citizen Soldier?

    1. Email me at I have a question for you.

  2. Re Cestus V I don't quite follow the description. Which side is the player on and who are the enemy?

    1. Nice catch! I missed a > after a <br and it dropped the Hishen part.

      "Cestus V is a small planet in the 4th Ring claimed by Gaea Prime but not in Gaea Prime space. It’s seen its share of hard times as it’s always been a lawless place and then got invaded by Bugs. Well the Bugs finally got pushed out, it got “re-populated” and things began to settle down.

      "Except now the Hishen have landed and that’s not good. Having the threat of the Hishen Empire on the fringe of Gaea Prime space is unacceptable.

      So now you’ve been sent back to Cestus V to kick them out."


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