Saturday, 6 June 2020

5150 Star Army Citizen Soldier Bat Rep - Patrol

Here's a Bat Rep of a game I played with the new 5150 Star Army Citizen Soldier rules. It's a Patrol Mission. My Star Army Squad needs to check out the three 1 foot sections on the opposite side of the table. I moved forward and generated the 3 PEFs and that's where the game got weird. Already?! Already.


Crazy stuff going from there are 5 possible enemies out there to hey, only two, we can beat them then Reinforcements and half of us are Out of the Fight. So I chose to leave. The upside is no Campaign Morale Test as we were on a Patrol Mission. But that means the Hishen will be on an Attack with me on a Defend Mission.
Two of the OOF come back, one doesn't. Roll for Replacements - none. Next Mission I'll be one soldier short..

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