Tuesday 28 January 2014

Sudden Death - Case solved? Part 13 - Lucky 13

Here's a quick one.
Time to go back to the Advance the Investigation Table.
Get Info from a Person of Interest.
Going back to the Victim's Circle I roll and score Athlete.  As I've met Athletes before I roll 1d6. "1". It's someone I Questioned before, Syd's Zhuh-Zhuh teammate or the opposing Xeog receiver that caught the TD? Roll again.
It's the Xeog.
Billy hasn't got a lot of time to solve the Crime so takes off in the Early Day Part.  Rolling on the Where Are They Table he scores Middleton, then the building - Green (think coffee house).
Billy leaves Ashlynn's Condo and takes the train to Middleton where the Xeog can be found. It's an uneventful trip on the train and Billy runs into the Government Assistant's Trophy Wife from before and they have a brief conversation.
TW - "Oh Mr Pink, good to see you again."
BP -  "Call me Billy."
TW - "Billy, of course. I was just thinking about you the other day."
BP - "Oh really?"
TW - "Yes. A friend of mine has a little problem and perhaps you could be of some help. Being a PI and all."
BP - "PI? No, not really. Just helping out a friend."
TW - "Give me your Com-Link Billy. Thanks...Here's my number. Call me. We can talk again about this. I'd love to hear from you again, so please call."
BP - "Okay. Sure, I'll call. Nice to see you again Mrs. Haqual."
TW - "Valerie, call me Valerie. TTFN."
Here's where sometimes players of New Beginnings miss an opportunity.
When your characters meet NPCs you should write it down, the who, what and results of the interaction with them. This populates your games, makes it quicker to play, and when you meet them again you can interact with them again.  Billy met Valerie earlier and had a positive result with her on the Questioning Table. This translated into a positive response +1d6 modifier on a People related Challenge. This time he scored a lot more successes and swept her off her feet. I now have a friend and can use her in future stories. I'm betting if a Build a Case story comes up in the future I have an Employer. But  back to the story.

I need to see if the Xeog is alone, roll, yes. Now to the Questioning Table. Billy takes a Cash Challenge and gets a +1d6 Party Favor bonus. Success. She gives Billy some info.So I know it's a success but want to add to the story, so...
" You're up early. Remember me?"
The Xeog didn't even bother to  fake a smile. "Home late actually. What do you want?"
"Mind if I ask you a couple of questions," Billy asked.
"Again? I told you, can't help you."
"Maybe I can help you." Billy replied.
The Xeog banged down a double of Green and smiled. "I'm listening."
Billy leaned forward and the two talked quietly. The Xeog nodded a couple of times then smiled. Billy got up and left.
He was headed back to Gakspar's office.

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