Monday, 27 January 2014

Billy Pink Chronicles - Win a PDF!

So I had a chance to catch up the Sudden Death NHC PI story line and had Billy Pink ( a recurring character) take the City Transit train and I mentioned how riding the train in NHC had it's advantage and used the first meeting between Billy Pink and Ashlynn Cooper as an example.

That's when I re-read the AAR and found the first words Ashlynn told Billy.

That got me to thinking and ....

Here they are, some are 8 years old, dating back to the play testing of the original 5150.

The first appearance of Billy Pink 

Win a free PDF!  Tell me in which of the previous Bat Reps did Ashlynn Copper appear. In which photo. And what color her dress was.

Email me your answer at

All correct answers will do into a drawing to win a free PDF of choice. Drawing will be Friday Noon PST.

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  1. We have a winner! Mathew Sawyer. Watch for more contests.