Thursday 30 January 2014

Conspiracy of Dice - Sudden Death 14

Okay, so this investigation is a tough one. Difficulty Factor of 8 means find 8 Clues. The first investigator ended up in the hospital. Billy Pink took over and now we're at 7 Clues with a hot lead to question the team owner Mr. Gakspar. This case is getting solved, I can feel it in my bones. Time to hop the train from Ashlynn Cooper's condo to the next Area over. Easy peasey.

Except I roll a "1" and have a Travel Encounter. It's a Robbery. Roll up who's on the train... two housewives in separate groups.  Seriously? So I roll again on the Robbery Encounter and its a ...Pickpocket attempt?
So some housewife is going to try and pick Billy Pink's pocket? !

Billy leaves the last Encounter and gets on the train.

Roll for the Pickpocket attempt versus Savvy. Housewife 3 successes, Billy zero. Zero! She lifts Billy's cash card. This means the next time he tries  a Cash Challenge he realizes that it's gone. No way to buy things until he gets back Home. Okay, just bad luck.

Moving on Billy meets Sooze in the Financial District and they head towards Gakspar's office. I use the City Deck for terrain.
 1st PEF resolved. Three cops. Okay, so it's a quick People Challenge then onwards.
Cop rolls 3 successes, Billy zero. Cop is now Belligerent and into an Alley we go. Two cops box out Sooze and the other wants to fight Billy. This becomes a Confrontation and lucky for everyone the cop doesn't pull a gun. What's Billy supposed to to do? Pull a gun on a cop? In New Hope City?

 So cop goes for non-lethal melee. Good old fashion butt kicking. First round of melee and they're evenly matched. This is a lose-lose situation I figure. If Billy kicks the cop's butt the two cops will be witnesses and they over ride Sooze so ...

Next activation and Billy breaks off the melee. Tries to reason with the cop with a People Challenge. Cops is now a Hated Enemy but Billy scores more successes. Cop decides to leave, tells Billy "Stay away from Kay Dee."  Fine, whatever. I rolled a personal Confrontation for the reason so I fill in the blank. No biggie, all good.

Out on the street and Billy and Sooze run into the next PEF. Roll dice, Xeog mercenary. Roll to see if Billy met her before. Yep, score a 1. 
Okay, if you run into a NPC you have a chance (1) of having met them before. I look on Billy's Character Journal and see that I have met a Xeog Mercenary. We had a Run In before over a previous job.

 People Challenge, great, now she becomes a Hated Enemy, noted on the Character Journal. Billy decides it's best to leave her alone and they continue on towards Gakspar's office.

I begin to realize coming downtown in the Daytime may not be such a good idea as there are lots of PEFs on the table. But hey, how many times have I resolved a PEF and it's nothing?

Not today. Next PEF. Exotic, Detective (undercover cop) Female, and....1. Billy knows her from before. Okay, so maybe it's Kay Dee. I figure with what's been happening so far , hey, might be a chance (1 - 2). "1".

Okay so it's a People Challenge and she scores more success and thinks Billy is a "Bit of a di$k". Off she goes. By now I figure Sooze must be laughing her a$$ off.
Next PEF. Five CVL players. Oh crap! I see a five on one  butt kicking in Billy's future. "4". Nope, don't know theses guys, take a People Challenge and just say hello and move on.

Gakspar's office! In we go, time for a bit of Questioning and Billy scores zip, nada. Dead end. Ah, Blondie's there. Billy takes a People Challenge and she agrees to go with Billy and Sooze to get some Green. On the way Billy and Sooze whisper between each other without Blondie hearing  (Opposed Challenge) and realize that they are seeing two different girls!

 Into Green and Billy takes a People Challenge with Blondie and tries to buy some Green (counting the Party Favor modifier on the Challenge and realizes he's had his pocket picked!). He includes Sooze in the Challenge so counts  +1d6 modifier and Blondie is swept off her feet. She comes clean to Billy and Sooze. She's a GAX and Gakspar is using her abilities for his own benefit. More on this later.

After a bit of Green the trio exit and head for the edge of the table. In Urban Renewal (?) when you leave a Target Building you re-stock the table with PEFs. So if you have 4 PEFs for the Area and Day Part and have resolved 3, you roll 3 new PEFs and re-stock the table.

Billy, Sooze, and Blondie run into three PEFs.

1st one, four cops! (Okay, not the same ones, just going to get some Green).
2nd one, no! It's Kay Dee again,

3rd one, Hishen Ganger (no, it's not Byden from before).
Okay so the cops and the Ganger have a People Challenge, Ganger has a warrant and runs for it! Cops give chase, catch and cuff him.

Kay Dee and Billy take an other People Challenge (When you resolve a PEF in Urban Renewal you always interact with them). Dice are rolled Kay Dee scores zero successes and Billy five!
No way! Finally a break! Kay Dee is swept off he feet and whispers to Billy, "Call me."

Billy, Sooze and Blondie get off the table. Back to the Advance the Investigation Table.  It's Friday evening and we're running out of time. Go to the Circle of the Victim and roll 1d6..."4". That's a Shaker. Go the Shaker Table roll 2d6, "9". Government Assistant. Hey, isn't the Trophy Wife (clue 4) married to a Government Assistant? Going to the Where Are They Table I see he'll be at the Pub & Rec Area tonight.

Later that day after Billy arrives Home gets restocked on cash and gives Ashlynn Cooper a call.
 " Have any plans for tonight Ashlynn?"

Part 15

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