Thursday 12 December 2013

Sudden Death - Part 9 - When in Little Hisha...Bring a Hishen

Billy and Sooze leave the Pub & Rec and head towards Tatiana's house in Little Hisha. Billy pulls out Noel's contact info and starts to dial.

"You could at least wait until you're alone, Billy," Sooze says, half-kdding.

"C'mon Sooze, you know me better than that," he replies. Placing his finger to his lips "Shhh!, It's ringing."


"I'm looking to hire someone and Noel comes highly recommended." After a minute or so Noel picks up the phone. 

"Talk to me."

"Hey Noel, this is Billy. I met you earlier tonight," Bill says.

Noel laughs. "So that's why you said you wanted to hire me. Don't worry about the guy that answered...he's just a friend. Want my address?"

"Send it to me. But actually I need your help..."

I decided Billy would follow up and go pay Tatiana a visit. But I figured maybe I could double dip. Rolling on the Advance the Investigation Table I scored Find an Object. I rolled for the location based on Syd, the Victim, and got the Middleton Area of NHC. Rolling for a building came up Bank. NHC PI helps you build scenarios based on rolling on the tables but it isn't a specific adventure. Instead it helps you create them. This means you have to fill in the info to make the story work. 

So I figured Bank, bank records, it's Late and breaking into a bank is crazy. Then I remembered Noel the Net Runner Billy met last adventure so I had him give her a call. Rolling told me she wasn't alone and was with one other person, a male. Chance had him answer the phone so I decided to have Billy Interact with him to see if he'd give her the message. I didn't have to but I like my stories as detailed as possible and the Interaction Table is fun to use. Each Circle of People interacts differently with each Circle so there's lots of story lines there

Rolling Interaction was easy as she counted as Recruited (+2d6) from the previous Intgeraction in the Pub & Rec Area so it made sense she could hack into the bank computers and get the info. Passing on the Find an Object Table solved the Clue (that's 2).
I figured it was a large payment to Syd so rolled to see who it came from. Rolling on Syd's Circle of Friends led to the Shaker Circle to a Trophy Housewife. And who was she married to? A local Government Assistant.
"Thanks babe, I owe you one," Billy said." Send me your PayPal info and I'll send the too, take care."

Billy hung up and drove on, Sooze just stewed.

Part 10

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