Thursday 12 December 2013

Sudden Death Part 8 - Busy Night in Pub & Rec

Part 7


  1. Hi Ed, a little confused by this one. Billy gets knocked down twice before getting up and drawing on the Merc? They then talk it out? Not sure what exactly happened here.

  2. NHC PI has a new Encounter called Confrontation. The mechanic is called Walk the Walk - First time all roll d6 and high successes can act. Options are
    Draw weapon but can't fire.
    Go into melee without a Charge into Melee Test.
    Try a People Challenge, forfeiting action.

    Only the high roller gets to do this.

    After its over everyone gets to roll again and all act.

    After that its normal with Reactions, Activation, etc.

    Also as a Star you can choose your action even when active. So maybe try a People Challenge if you have the advantage, like gun drawn and he doesn't have one. As for talk it out it 's more like stop or I'll shoot you.