Wednesday 11 December 2013

14 shots later Plan. Sudden Death continues Part 7B

All I can say is. Holy crap! Here's what happened and how the story was generated.
After Elliot ran into a stone wall on Tuesday night he had to question a Delivery Man in the City Hall Area. On his way there he had a Confrontation with a guy and a fist fight later he was rifling through the guys pockets and found a Clue. Unfortunately it wasn't to the Murder but actually info on him written in his ex-wife's hand writing. Anyway, Elliot questioned the Delivery Man and solved his first Clue.

This led back to the Advance the Investigation Table and a Find an Object result. I rolled for it's location and it ended up being in Little Hisha, where Syd lived. On the way to Syd's house I was figuring out what Challenge to use to break into the house when the first PEF Elliot met was three Gangers. Elliot rolled zero successes (even a People Skill of 5 can blow it once in awhile) and they pulled guns and wanted to rob him.

Well like the story says, 14 bullets later and a heck of lot of Star Power rolling found Elliot with two Bleeder wounds. Lucky for him all those witnesses showed up. Rolling after the battle recovery put Elliot in a bad spot. He would need two months to fully recover. Now what?

Well, I remembered that literally years ago Elliot and Billy Pink did a couple of jobs together, so....

I've decided to keep the one Clue (Delivery Man) that Elliot solved and pick it up with Billy. As the rules are now almost complete and the cover almost finished I will continue on going step by step, including the Travel Encounters and all the "bells and whistles".

Speaking of that, an Eye Witness stepped forward and ratted out Elliot's involvement with the fist fight. The Cops were scheduled to arrest him in three days according to the game mechanics. Guess it'll be easy to find him as they were at the hospital questioning him about what happened earlier in little Hisha.


  1. Blimey, Ed; what a turn of events, must admit, NB had never been my thing; but this looks a good laugh. Lovely minis, too, BTW.

  2. Well that went sideways in a hurry. I like how you're keeping the story going though. Billy's the man for the job.

  3. Monty - I've learned one thing about NB, wishing and hoping that bad things won't happen doesn't work. Comb at , even melee, can be brutal.