Thursday 25 July 2013

Napoleonics AAR - Muskets and Shakos

"They came on in the same old way …and we defeated them in the same old way."

Spain 1809

This is an AAR of Muskets and Shakos, the unit based Napoleonic Wars game. In  this AAR I decided to play an Attack Encounter with my forces, the French, attacking a Non-Player British force. Each side had 3 infantry battalions and 1 artillery battery of 8 guns. Yes, I know the British had smaller batteries of 6 guns but I wanted this to be as even as possible. The only difference was that the French Legere battalion was Rep 5, all the rest were Rep 4.

The British took up position straddling a road with one battalion on the hills on either side. Both were supported by two section of guns. The third battalion  was held in  reserve to the rear.
The French approached in three columns with skirmishers to the front. Their battery remained intact. The plan was to hold off the battalion to the French left then attack the other battalion with two columns. The battle opened up with both sides firing artillery as the French marched forward. Here's a picture of the deployment and plan. 

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