Saturday, 6 July 2013

Mass Hysteria - End Game AAR

This AAR is a Defend Mission. The military units have to eliminate all zeds, PEFs and make sure than no zombies get off the table behind the defensive line. 

Game over man. Human morale went down but the biggest concern is a lack of units left to fight. For all intents and purposes the campaign is over. Twice I called for gunships and with an Area Investment Level of 5 it was a no brainer. High priority, they'll come. Except they didn't.

Late in the game a military unit showed up to help and got promptly butchered by the zeds. A random event resulted in a gunship (yay!) and it looked like I might be able to get over to the zeds before they got off the table. 

But another PEF was generated, right in the same section my units were in. Right in the flank. That was it, not a lot of units came back to fight.

Well the upside is there's a bonus Mission for times like this. Gang warfare after the military has left.

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