Friday 21 December 2012

Heroic Melee Combat - Must have for THW games!

Here’s an easy to do change to melee that allows for Heroic Combats. You know, the kind of fights where the good guy and the bad guy square off, back and forth, sword fighting for a long time. Well, here it is.
This is a step beyond the new melee combat in Warrior Heroes – Legends and not for everyone. Use it as you like, I am definitely using it!

Recover From Duck Back Test

Modify the Recover From Knocked Down Test as follow:
·        Pass 2d6 – Loser moves back 2”, winner remains in contact. Next round of melee the winner receives a +1d6 melee bonus.
·        Pass 1d6 – Loser is knocked to the ground. May not regain feet until has remained prone for one full turn of activation.
·        Pass 0d6 – Loser is Out of the Fight.

Example – Brian the Irish Warrior and Sven the Viking have just finished a round of melee. Brian was knocked down and now takes the recover From Knock Down Test. He scores a 5 and 4, passes 1d6 and is knocked to the ground. Sven has yet to carry out his In Sight action, remember that it was Brian’s action that caused the melee. Sven now attacks Brian who is prone. Sven receives the +2d6 bonus for attacking a prone opponent.

That’s it!

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