Saturday 22 December 2012

Dungeon Diving - WHL - Part Three

Part Two

After defeating the Big Bad the trio moved deeper into the dungeon. Haldor wasn't sure if they were lucky having got the Black Moon Goblin heading up to the surface but he wondered why he was alone. There must be more Goblins somewhere.
You can meet the Big Bad in the dungeon without finding him in the treasure room. Flipping the next card (4 Diamonds) revealed  nothing. The next card (4 Spades) was a potential contact but proved to only raise the Encounter Rating to 4.

Frenk was in the lead. Having had  a chance to fight the Big Bad (Haldor actually killed him) had only whetted his appetite for more. "Stairs," he whispered. The trio went down to the third level.

The next card drawn was a Face Card. This signified a set of stairs down to a lower level and more importantly the replenishing of the dungeon deck to twice the current ER, 4. It should be noted that the first dungeon deck had 6 cards in it due to an ER of 3. Now, after exploring 8 cards (2 over the original) there were now 8 more cards to explore. This is my favorite dungeon mechanic. You never no how big the dungeon is or when it will increase in size.

The two Goblins stepped into view as the passage widened. Led by Frenk the three Warriors charged. Rolf cut down his opponent while Haldor forced his back, who was then killed by Frenk. His first kill! The trio searched the Goblin bodies and found 2 Gold Talos and some Food.

The next card was the 7 of Diamonds, again nothing. The next card as the second Joker. This meant the dungeon deck would be replenished to three times the current Encounter Rating. I have a rule where if the Big Bad is dead and a Joker is drawn this signifies a new dungeon entrance inside the current dungeon. And with a new dungeon comes a new Big Bad. Time to roll one up.

The Warriors moved on into the dungeon. 
"Hold," Rolf said. He moved to a spot in the floor and knelt down. Shaking his head he said, "Troll." 
The Joker meant replenish the dungeon deck as well. This made 12 unexplored cards. What had started as a small 6 card dungeon had grown into a three level 30+ card dungeon with a very bad Big Bad. Trolls are very tough in Warrior Heroes - Legends. How tough?

The three conversed for awhile. Goblins were one thing, but a Troll? Haldor knew that if there was a Troll that left the door open to maybe an Ogre or two, Ghouls or worse. Frenk didn't know any better but this was not Rolf's first dungeon. They decided to push on.

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