Friday, 20 January 2012

"Worms. Big Ass Worms." Free from THW -

With Riverbluff Wargames releasing some great worm minis I thought I'd pass along a free "how to use them" in THW.

Here's the link to the PDF.
Worms, Big Ass Worms for THW


  1. hehehehe pure unadulterated evil here. These things are NASTY. I love them (as long as it's not my group of characters that run into them). They will make an appearance in my Mackinac Island Campaign setting on one of the islands in the Great Lakes region. Though I wont let the people I may play the campaign with know what island until the BA Worm appears.

  2. Just remind them they only have to outrun one other character.

    1. Yeah but wheres the fun in that Ed. Its more fun to see them try and take the thing out only to be totally slaughtered by it. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      I am thinking even if they know its there on that Island they are still going to have to visit the island to investigate a crashed aircraft (the UD-41 designed by and initially released by now available via World Works Games in the Ebbles Lab section of their site, which will be a high tech VTOL cargo plane for the Evil Pharmaceuticals company in my main campaign setting). Hoping to find some usable supplies. I am also thinking that one or two of the Medical Cargo Pods in the downed craft might hold a couple of other nasties such as Zombies, a chupacabra type beastie (not sure on the stats yet will have to see if anyone who has some ideas), some Ragers or even a Smartie with Psy powers (yeah I know this could also be real nasty, so if I did this I will limit its abilities to one or two powers and only a couple of uses of them).