Wednesday 5 August 2020

Phoenix Ark, 1st part.

Well, it's not exactly the first part, but to play Phoenix Ark first you have to win an attack mission with a second objective; so this is the attacking mission in which I have to exit through enemy lines with 374 of my forces intact. If I win, then I will be able to play Phoenix Ark.

So as usual I divide the table into nine sectors, generate terrain, deploy up to two squads and then roll for PEFs. I got two on sector 3 and one on sector 6. This was the first mission from the Hishen second invading wave, but my troops were now wearing Exo-armor for the first time and were reinforced with Inferno grenade launchers. I felt invulnerable.

Turn 1. Gaea Prime 5 - Hishen 3.
I didn't want to fight through sectors six and three so I moved fast my 1st squad to the left flank. 3rd squad rushed forward towards the hills.
Hishen activated and the PEF on sector six advanced and it turned into a squad. They got me in the open.

1st squad was giving their backs and couldn't react. The last man went down, and the specialist with the Inferno turned around when he was shot and fired, but missed and wen out of ammo!
Fortunately, one section of 3rd squad was covering them from the hill and could open fire on the Hishen in the building, frying most of them. The rest fled the battlefield.

Turn 2. GP 6 - Hishen 2.
Hishen activated first and one PEF from sector three advanced and turned into another squad who engaged with my section on the hill.

Half of the Hishen squad was Out of the Fight and the other half Hunkered Down and without leader to rally and completely suppressed. The other PEF did not move.

Turn 3. GP 3 - Hishen 1.
3rd squad gave cover while 1st squad kept running to the hills. Hishen's last PEF advanced out of sight.

Turn 4. GP 5 - Hishen 5.
Doubles and Shadow Corp appeared but as I had taken their base I ignored this and roll again for activation.
Turn 4. GP 1- Hishen 3.
Hishen did not move. I moved fast all my troops towards the border of sector one, with half of the 1st squad already leaving the table.

Turn 5. GP 2 - Hishen 6.
I moved the rest of my troops out of the battlefield and won the mission.

Afther the mission.
I cannot roll for replacements or Research as I didn't go back to the base but kept advancing to cross Hishen lines and try to take a landed Hishen spaceship intact. That's is the Special Mission Phoenix Ark!
Until then.

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