Sunday 7 July 2019

Talomir Tales Joust - Step-by-Step Part Four

Part One 

Part Two 

Part Three

2nd of 3 courses to be run. Both Knights recover Bonus Dice up to their current Rep.

1st phase is Charge. Both roll 2d6 and pass 2d6, each gains 1 Bonus Die, up to 5 each.

2nd phase is Aim. Knight can aim for the Head, Chest or Shield. Head hits do the most damage (3 points) chest (2 points) and shield (1 point).  Players choose how many Bonus d6 to use, Non-Player Knights roll to see how many they use. Billy rolls 5d6; passes 4d6 and will hit Head. Treyine Knight rolls and uses 2 Bonus d6, rolls 4d6 and passes 2d6 - chest.

3rd phase is Strike, the Knights hit home. Billy uses last Bonus d6 and passes 2d6, solid hit and Treyine Knight passes 1d6 using all of her Bonus Dice. If Billy would have missed, she would have hit him, but because he hit her, she misses.

4th phase is Damage. The Treyine Knight passes 1d6 and takes 3 points of damage, dropping her Rep down to 1. She take the Withdrawal Test versus Rep and passes 0d6. She withdraws, Billy wins the second joust.

Billy has gained 2 Increasing Rep d6 for winning the 2 jousts - note that if Billy loses he gains 5 Decreasing Rep d6.
He had picked up 2 Fame & Fortune points for defeating both Knights.
As this was a small Tournament on the Edge of the Nation I Billy would only face 3 opponents.

Two down only one to go!

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