Sunday 7 July 2019

Talomir Tales - Joust - It ain't just rolling dice!

The Lists Board where mounted combat occurs.

Joust uses a base 2d6 (six sided dice) versus Rep system. For those not familiar with how it works, here goes:
Each Knight is assigned a Rep (think quality) from 3 to 5.
You roll 2d6 versus the Rep of the Knight. If the d6 score is equal or less than the Rep, you have passed that d6.
  • Pass 2d6 = Good things happen.
  • Pass 1d6 = Okay things happen, not as good as passing 1d6 but better than...
  • Pass 0d6 = Bad things happen to you.
Here's an example from the Charge Table:
  • Pass 2d6 = Horse accelerates into the charge, gain 1 Bonus d6. Go to Aim Table.
  • Pass 1d6 = Horse goes into the charge. Go to Aim Table.
  • Pass 0d6 = Horse balks or is slow to move. Lose 1 Bonus d6. Go to Aim Table.
Okay, so now here's where you need a strategy 'cuz like we said - It ain't just rolling dice!

You get 1 Bonus d6 per point of current Rep before each run down the Lists - there are three - where mounted Knights charge at each other. When you use a Bonus d6, you roll it in addition to the basic 2d6. When you use a Bonus d6 you discard it, until the next course of the Joust.

There are three tables that Bonus Dice can be used on - Aim, Strike and Damage.

  • Use it on the Aim Table - increase the chance of hitting the opponents head, scoring more damage.
  • Use it on the Strike Table - increase the chance of landing a solid hit on the opponent.
  • Use it on the Damage Table - when you get hit you can lose Rep points. Using more d6 reduces the chance of you getting damaged.
Non-Player Knights (NPK) will roll to see when and how many Bonus Dice they will use, but players must choose how many and when BEFORE the NPKs roll for theirs.

You replenish Bonus Dice in two ways. Before each course or run on the Lists you  replenish your Bonus d6 up to your current Rep.

At the start of melee on foot you  replenish your Bonus d6 up to your current Rep, but only once. When  you're out, you're out.

So, do you use the Bonus dice, maximum of 5, to aim your lance or maybe to get a better hit on the enemy or what about saving them in case you take damage? That's the big question and that's the strategy. What do I suggest? Good question. Be flexible though as different opponents have different strengths and weaknesses. And just when you thought it was going to be easy.

Grand Melee Board where dismounted Knights fight in melee.

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