Saturday 20 July 2019

Qwik - Jugger Game Step by step.

In this AAR, by reading the pictures, we will show step-by-step how a game is played . At the end will be a synopsis. 

The game is made for solo play and can be played co-op or head to head. You start with the two Qwiks fighting to gain control of the bean - what you must stake to win the game.
After that the players move and when occupy the same zone roll on the Confrontation Table - fight. Take damage and you can lose Rep or get knocked out of the game.
Knock an opposing Jugger down? You can pin it to the ground so it cannot move unless you let it up. Game lasts until the bean is staked with a 100 Stone Break rest if the game goes that far.
Look for Qwik next week.


  1. If its an easy answer, how do you customise your team?

  2. As for the question on customizing Juggers. Easy to do.
    1 - You're a Rep 5 Star that can play any position at any time.
    2 - You can recruit 4 Juggers from the Locale you are in.
    3 - First team is free, replacement Juggers cost you their Rep in Fame & Fortune points.
    4 - Your Juggers can earn Fame & Fortune Points and their Rep can increase or decrease.
    That's about it, real easy.

  3. How is Warring Fleets coming along?

    1. Back burner at the moment. Not sure how popular it would be, maybe a poll?