Wednesday 31 July 2019

Road to Ekra - Jousting Tournaments

Road to Ekra is two complete stand-alone games in one. In it you are a knight that travels the tournament circuit, moving from town to town in search of Fame & Fortune and adventure along the way.

The game has rules for the actual tournament, the joust, as well as rules to use between tournaments. Road to Ekra is set for you to travel from the Edge of the Nation, through the Center and ending at the Heart. Along the way you stop and enter a tournament, each one getting more difficult and rewarding

Between tournaments you go on adventures from carousing in taverns to confronting enemies in combat and everything in between as you move from town to town.

Road to Ekra uses the game mechanics found in Talomir Tales, our Fantasy rules. You can bring your existing Stars in from the other books or take your Star from this book to the others.  


  1. Ey man! Yeserday night I finished a tournament 3vs3 using Joust, it's time to replay it with Road to Ekra.
    It's possible to play melees or just jousts?

  2. Melees if you don't unhorse the enemy.

  3. When will this be released?