Sunday 7 July 2019

Talomir Tales Joust - Step-by-Step Part Three

Part One 

Part Two 

Billy's 2nd opponent was a Rep 4 Treyine Knight with a 2 handed weapon and Red Sun Alignment. At the start each Knight has 4 Bonus Dice and are Rep 4.

Billy spurs his horse on in the Charge phase and gains 1 Bonus d6. The Treyine Knight does not.

Lowering their lances, the Knights take aim. Billy uses 2 Bonus d6 and aims for the head - passes 3 and success! The Treyine Knight uses one Bonus d6 and ends up aiming for Billy's chest.

Both now roll on the Strike Table. Billy uses all 3 Bonus Dice, the Treyine Knight uses 2. Both score hits and both go to the Damage Table.

The Treyine Knight uses her last Bonus d6 and passes 2d6, no effect and she continues to joust. Billy rolls 2d6, no Bonus Dice and passes 2d6, no effect and he continues to joust. The 1st of 3 courses are finished.

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