Thursday, 19 March 2015

All Things Zombie - Reloaded - Now taking Pre-Orders - Heroes of the Colosseum too!

Just got back from the GAMA trade show in Vegas and David from Lock n Load gave me copies of the two new THW board games - All Things Zombie - Reloaded.

And Heroes of the Colosseum.

Heroes - Pre-Order and Save $10

You can pre-order one or both and save $10 off the price in the stores. The nice thing is they don't charge your card until they are ready to ship! Looks like later this month or next month. Here's a look at what's inside All Things Zombie - Reloaded.


  1. wow
    FedEX +105$ to shipping in europe !!! Too expensive :(((

    1. Passed this info on to David; sounds odd - they are already looking into it. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. Here's the scoop.
      Fed Ex and UPS are expensive - actual numbers.
      Jason suggests use the USPS options - $36 or less.

      If you can't see the USPS options, let me know.