Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tyrannasaurs and Tiger Tanks - A MCBC AAR

Here’s an AAR from my Lost Lands of Lemuria campaign. This was a great way to try out the soon to be released new Motor City BC supplement for Adventures in the Lost Lands. MCBC adds military and civilian vehicles to the Lost Lands. MCBC has stats for over 70 vehicles from the Victorian Era to Modern Times. Scenarios range from trying to catch a Mastodon with Victorian Hunters to saving Ellie Earl in the not General Lee Dixie playing GTO. But that’s another story, back to the AAR.

It was hot but it was always hot. Klaus couldn’t make out the scribble on the map. He turned it upside down.  Maybe that would help. “Damn, monkey-boys! How am I supposed to read this? Teaching these cavemen to read and write is like teaching a fish to ride a bicycle.”
“That’s all very well and good Captain but we have more immediate problems. Look!”

Klaus looked up from the skin and saw what the private meant. Grabbing the hatch he yelled,” Back to your vehicle! Do not move. We will handle this.”
As Klaus slammed the hatch shut the private sprinted for the Kubelwagen. He could hear the roar of the Tiger 1’s engine as it moved forward.
“Willie!  Forward and to the left, draw the beast away from the others!”
As the Tiger moved forward the T-Rex took notice and emitted a loud roar then charged forward!
When the T-Rex went active it saw the Tiger and wanted to charge. Big ferocious dinosaurs always seem to want to charge. Rolling on the Dino In Sight - Vehicle Table (MCBC) versus Rep (5) it passed 2d6 and charged.
Klaus took the In Sight Test in response to the charge and passed 1d6, they could fire but at a -1 to Rep. One crewman opens up with the Hull MG while the Gunner fires the main gun.

Click Click. The Hull MG fires a short burst then runs out of ammo.
Boom! The main gun fires but the shell flies to the left of the dino. Missed!
“Brace for impact!”
Dino and steel collide as the Tiger starts to rock and roll forward trying to crush the T-Rex.

The Tiger rolls 14d6 based on its size and frontal armor. The T-Rex rolls 12d6 and scores more successes. But try as it might it doesn’t damage the Tiger.
“Willie! Reverse then forward on my command!” The Tiger lurches backwards abruptly and the T-Rex stumbles forward. “Now!”
The Driver slams the Tiger into gear and it lurches forward. Snap! The T-Rex, Tiger upon its head, thrashes about then lies still.
“Better lucky than good.” So goes the saying. As both sides hadn’t scored an equal number of successes in the last round of melee the melee continued. The Germans activate first and melee dice were rolled by both sides. The dino scored 7 successes out of 12. The Tiger scored off the hook, 11 successes out of 14d6! Adding a 1d6 roll to the 11 successes resulted in the T-Rex going OD.
But the story was just beginning…
“Schultz! In the bushes!”

Lurking in the brush two Utahraptors moved into sight. Schultz opened fire with his SMG and Karl fired his KAR rifle. Schultz scores a direct hit but the small caliber of the SMG does little to the large beast. With a rush the two dinos charge into the three Germans. One rips Schultz to pieces and the other knocks down and tears open the Sergeant. Seeing this Karl runs for the Tiger.

Boom! The Tiger fires and this time the Gunner scores a direct hit on the closest Utahraptor. Staring out of the vision slit Willie can’t help but smile as he sees dinner for quite few days flying into the air.

After the T-Rex went down the Scent of a Kill rule from Adventures in the Lost Lands came into play. The activation dice came up 7, therefore another PEF was generated and it proved to be the two Utahraptors. Using the Squishys Lost Lands supplement the soldiers were allowed the Final Fire option but the extra d6 didn’t help. Melee, now that’s a misnomer, was quick. Karl failed his Man Down and sprinted for the safety of the Tiger.
Traversing the turret on its turn of activation the Tiger lined up the shot and blew the dino into pieces. The main gun under the Motor City BC rules counted as 12 successes to start. Not hard to OD a size 4 dino with 12 successes.
The remaining Utahraptor finished its meal oblivious to whatever else was going on. The Tiger’s engine roared as the tank backed up to face the Utahraptor. The Gunner opened fire with the Co-axial machine gun tearing the dino to bits.  Klaus opened the hatch and surveyed the scene.

 “Private, check the others. If they are dead, leave them, we will send a detail back to bury them.” As the private began to check the bodies and collect anything of use Klaus returned to the map. A few minutes later the Kubelwagen pulled up next to the tank.
“Willie,” Klaus began. “Follow the lava bed north, if monkey boy is right, the refinery is up ahead.”  
The Kubelwagen pulled to lead and the two vehicles headed north.

Using the Squishys supplement gives small arms fire a bit more of a bite but as the two unlucky Germans found out, it’s tough fighting dinos. The Co-Ax MG scored 3 hits and made toast of the smaller Utahraptor.
Refinery? Yep, John Cunningham, the author of Motor City BC as well as War Without End, Clash of Titans and Stalingrad, has come up with a plausible and sweet way to keep vehicles running in a caveman campaign. It takes into account grain alcohol, territorial explorations, petroleum fields and vehicle conversion.  Anyway, the rules allow for a pretty in depth RPG like feel for your Adventures in the Lost Lands games if you like. Look for Motor City BC in the next few days.

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