Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Step by Step, Inch by Inch...

Step by Step CR Final Version Example

Here’s a Step by Step of how Chain Reaction 3.0 – Final Version plays. I took pictures as I played and went back to write this after the fight. The fight lasted 15 minutes. Plenty of time for a second one as I am doing a mini-campaign.
The set up was my gang of three would scout the table to see what was to be found. I placed Possible Enemy Force markers on the table. This meant I had no idea of what was out there or what I would run into.
During the game I used a variety of dice to help with telling the game mechanics. They are NOT needed during actual play.


  1. Excellent report, and reading it I realised how many mistakes I made in my first game, LOL!

  2. It took a close reading, but I figure you meant "the sniper is out of the enemy's range but they are within _his_ range."
    That's why the enemy doubled-up on the guys by the bridge, but the sniper could still strike the Ducking Back enemy.

    Thanks, Ed. Supremely helpful, as always.

  3. Very nice, Ed. This is very helpful.

  4. Thanks Ed, I needed this. Very useful.

    Why does the shotgun guy need 9 to score a hit? 8 not enough?

  5. The nine refers to the three scores that he rolled. Shooting the guy in open hits on an 8 unless the target or shooter was fast moving.

  6. Fantastic. Really explains it well.

  7. Thank you, Michael, for pre-emptively answering my question!

  8. Ed.
    As you can see from my pictures 2 had 2 squads and a HQ group of NVA appear in the treeline. Our fire was relatively ineffective (in sight resulted in most of my troops ducking back and remaining ones were hit or forced to duck back from NVA fire. Their NP roll resulted in a fast move fik assault by about 25 NVA. Because of the hill they didn't come into sight until after moving 2” over the crest. Then we had to roll for in sight for about 15 of them and 15 of us. The NVA were rep 4, my squad rep 4 and the other USA squad rep 3. A lot of die rolling. Lots of men left after the shooting and we all did well on our man down rolls.

  9. Mike,
    Did you post this to the group?

  10. On picture 5 -- how is it determined that the shot of the sniper takes precedence over the ducking back?

  11. Brilliant Ed, again!

    I was, still struggling with the game flow of CR3, even after playing through several solo scenarios. But, this little posting has clarified most of my queries

    Here's hoping you have a long and fruitful life producing such great stuff.

    From one middle aged, very old wargaming limey