Monday, 6 February 2012

CR 3.0 - The Final Version

What a long strange trip it's been!
Ten years of tweaking and trimming and smoothing with the help of the Yahoo Group guys and now the mechanics are done.
CR3.0 The Final Version will have the up to date mechanics that THW will be using going forward. So you can download the FREE PDF version that will give you a sample of what THW plays like.

Look for it later this month.


  1. Don't jinx yourself, there is no such thing as a FINAL version in any game. It will always change as more and more play with it with a fresh pair of eyes.

    Congrats anyway,

  2. This is the last one. To be fair to new comers and existing members there has to be a base set of rules that gives people an idea of what the game system is like. There may be new things that can be used with the base system but those will be optional add ons.

  3. Last one... just don't call it v3.5, because somebody else had a v3.5 and everything that came after was, well... pretty bad.

  4. Well rest assured, there will be no more Chain reactions coming aftger this one, hence, Final Version.


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