Sunday, 12 February 2012

CR 3.0 now available

CR 3.0 is the intro game that gives you a glimpse at the widely popular games from Two Hour Wargames.
And we're giving it to you for free. Not some watered down version but a complete game all to itself. CR 3.0 shows you the base line of THW mechanics as used in all our other games.
Supported by a 5000 member Yahoo Group, CR 3.0 covers modern firepower in the world of man to man skirmish. Use any figures you already have, heck you can even use paper minis, because it's all about playing the game.
So download CR 3.0 and take the plunge into the world of Two Hour Wargames.

Chain Reaction 3.0 - The Final Version


  1. It's good to see Star Power in the base game.

  2. Indeed. The combat is pretty brutal and is a welcome addition.