Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Coming Soon! - War Without End


War Without End: What Is It?

NUTS! War Without End (WWE) is a supplement for the game NUTS! Europe 1944 by Two Hour Wargames. A copy of that rule set, as well as gaming implements and miniatures, are required to play. Here's what's included:
·         Some actual technology history.
·         Fantastic technologies.
·         Weird Science unit and vehicle lists.
·         Special or expanded rules.
·         General rules on creating your own Weird Science campaigns.
·         Sample scenarios that may be fought head-to-head with players taking opposing sides, cooperatively against the game or solo as either side.


  1. Good stuuf, Ed, as usual.

  2. Getting ready for the release of WWE. I'm shopping for U.S. Rangers and Marines. About how many soldiers should I start with?

  3. Maybe a squad or so (12) as that's the basic movement element.


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