Saturday, 20 August 2011

5150: New Beginnings - NEW In Sight Reaction Test - Colonials

5150: New Beginnings introduces a new  interactive In Sight procedure that combines firing with charging and greatly speeds up yet smooths play.
Here's the new 5150: New Beginnings In Sight applied to the Colonial period. In this report a band of bandits run into a group of Italian Askaris.


  1. Cool! Was this more of an addition/mod to CR3.0 or Colonial Adventures? I assumed it to be CR3.0 since it was a small-scale skirmish...

    Good stuff, looking forward to it!


  2. Another In Sight example, thank you! I like the feel of this new method. Looking forward to New Hope.

  3. The new system for 5150: New Beginnings. Can be used with any of the skirmish games like CR 3.0

  4. I thought NUTS! insight test was wonderful, have to try this to see which one fit me best!