Sunday, 7 August 2011

5150: New Beginnings AAR - Razor's Edge

Turf Wars

This is a solo play test of 5150: New Beginnings. The scenario pits two rival Gangs against each other. The first Gang is a Razor Gang while the second is a Basic (human) Gang looking to bump off the Razor. Both gangs are on war footing so armed with automatic weapons.
The Encounter takes place in a Lower Income section of New Hope City Late at night. The street is empty as a lone vehicle comes to a stop half way down the street...

 The Razor Gang leaves their vehicle and post a lookout.

Turn 1

Four members of the Rasta Gang quietly enter the street. Moving fast they catch the lookout unawares. A blow to the head quickly dispatches the unaware Hishen (Rep 3 AR). Pausing for a minute they wait to see if they were heard.

Turn 2
Jimmy (Rep 5 AR), the Rasta Leader sends Big T (Rep 4 AR) to the edge of the house setting him up with a clear shot down the driveway. If anyone tries to leave through the back door its Big T's job to stop them.
Quietly Jimmy picks the lock (Challenge test). Opening the door slowly he motions to Tony (Rep 4 Shot Gun) and Clarence (Rep 4 BASMG) to follow.

 This picture show the Rasta guys entering the building, still on the tabletop.

A Hishen (Rep 3 SMG) and Grath (Rep 4 BA SMG) step out the back door and into Big T's line of sight. Green moves into 5 and sight. Big T and the Grath fire at same time. The Hishen is cut down and goes out of the fight. Big T is hit and goes down as well. 
The PEF inside and on the building grid turns into two figures that are placed on the tabletop as they exit the building.
The Grath takes two rounds in the chest but is unfazed.
The gunfire is heard all along the street and Jimmy realizes that the cops may be alerted so they have to move fast.

Turn 3

Moving quickly the Grath re-enters the house. "Check the house," the Razor says to the two remaining Hishen. The two hastily move to carry out the order. Using the doorway as cover they move into the kitchen and into sight of the three Rasta guys.

 The Rasta guys and the Grath are placed on the building grid as the action goes inside.
The open floor plan provides a clear line of sight between both sides. A hail of murderous gunfire leaves Tony and the two Hishen dead.
  The action stays indoors. Once the PEFs are resolved normal LOS and shooting rules apply. The long open floor plan is murder.

Turn 4
Listening for sirens but hearing none Jimmy and Clarence move forward into the dining room. Suddenly the Grath pops into the kitchen and the three exchange fire.
In New Beginnings figures inside buildings count as in cover (if stationary) or concealed (if moving). This not only provides protection but also cuts down reaction time in the new In Sight Test where both sides roll against each other.

Even thought the fire is ineffectual the Rasta guys duck back down either side of the hallway. Jimmy has unloaded his clip and must reload.
Clarence pops back out and he and the Grath exchange fire again. Clarence takes two hits and goes down, unconscious and out of the fight.
Jimmy reloads and wonders what to do.
 In New Beginnings both sides take the In Sight at the same time so there's a chance that the fire can alternate between sides depending upon the individual figure's score. Those that get hit cannot fire when it's there turn so the importacne of making every round count cannot be stressed enough.
Turn 5  
Still no sirens to be heard and in this neighborhood that's no surprise.
The Grath has Jimmy pinned and tells the Razor. The Razor exits the garage and heads towards the front of the house. She figures to climb in through the bedroom window and get behind Jimmy.
This tactic came solely from the game mechanics. It had devastating results.
Except Jimmy has had enough. He can’t make it to the front door without the Grath seeing him but maybe he can make it out of a window. Jimmy ducks into the bedroom behind him.

Turn 6

Still no sirens heard.
Jimmy runs to the window, opens it up and sees the Razor looking at him on the other side. Jimmy's gun goes up but is no match for the Razor who can fire her Mental Blast with a thought. Jimmy's brain fries as he drops to the ground Stunned.
The Razor climbs into the window and calls for the Grath.

So ends another game with me losing.


It was a fun and tense game with the battle going back and forth. I played the Rasta guys and learned the hard way, again, that Graths are tough characters to deal with. Yes a head shot can take them out but that involves some luck. My best chance was with Jimmy who had three shots at the Grath. If I could have rolled a six, the total of eleven with his Rep, would have allowed for a hit to the visible body part of my choice. And that would have been the head. Instead I rolled snake eyes, out of ammo and Clarence went hero on me.
Playing the Rastas all I knew ahead of time was that it was a Razor Gang. They were deployed as per the PEF rules inside the house and when they left through the back door I was as surprised as anyone. Luckily I had Big T watching the back door. Unfortunately he ran into the Grath.

New Beginnings leans on the new Building Rules found in I, Zombie. by allowing the players to fully use their existing buildings the games can have more action in a smaller space. The one foot square building grid can be placed right on the table and I use free floor tile samples from Home Depot. Here's a free download of the rules as use in I, Zombie.


  1. So we'll be seeing the return of In Sight tests taken by both sides involved? Sounds like fun!

  2. But with different mechanics than before. Both sides makes it very different, good times!