Friday, 6 September 2019

"Hey, You a Cop Bro?" Step-by-Step Character Generation in Working Grave

So you want to be a Cop? Good; here’s how we do it:

·       “You are a Star, Officer Jones!” (Star or Grunt?)
·       “Basic, uh? Good, you’ll fit right in here at New Hope City.” (What Race?)
·       “Since you’ve finished your training, you are now officially a Police Officer.” (What Profession?)
·       “Reports from training say you’re quick as a cat and pretty good at figuring out stuff.” (What are its Attributes? Stars choose one (Quick Reflexes) and roll for one – (Logical).
·       “Well you’re in pretty good shape so that’s a plus.” (What is its Rep? We recommend starting at Rep 5).
·       “Tests say you’re pretty smart and are good at talking to people. That’ll help a lot.” (What are its People and Savvy Skills – People 5 Savvy 4.
·       “Here’s your weapon.  Here’s your jacket as well.” (What is its Weapon? Big A$$ Pistol – AKA B – 2. Two shots. Also has armored vest.
·       “We’ve checked you for Enhancements and you’re clean. Stay that way!”(Does it have Enhancements? NHC PD should not have Enhancements.
·       “All right Jones, go downstairs and see if they’ve got a Partner for you and good luck!”
Officer Jones is a Rep 5 Basic Star. Has the Quick Reflexes and Logical Attributes. People Skill 5 Savvy 4.  Armed with B-2 and wearing armored vest. He’s a newbie so Street Cred of 0.

Character Journal

Officer J. Jones
BA – 2 & Vest
Monthly Rep d6
Lifetime Rep d6 
Months Passed
Police Officer
Street Cred

Currently no Partner assigned.
Jones is a newbie, new to New Hope City.

Roll 2d6 vs. Rep for Partner – Passed 2d6 – Sorry, no Partner for you; budget cuts you know.
That’s it:
·       Choose Star, Race, Profession (Cop), first Attribute, People and Savvy values.
·       You are given a B-2 and vest.
·       You roll for one Attribute and to get a Partner.

Easy peasy, take you 5 minutes to set up. Now let’s go on your first Encounter. You get ten years on the force with two Encounters per month. The 1st is Involuntary and given to you, the 2nd is Voluntary and you can choose to or not to have one.

I roll for the 1st Encounter and score Arrest Someone. Coming soon!

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