Tuesday 3 September 2019

Charioteer for Kickstarter

Here's a mock up of Charioteer, one of the games coming to the Kickstarter later this month Will have a 11 x 17 board (similar to this one), cards and counters. Streamlined version of the minis rules and more challenging. Totally playable solo


  1. That's a really nice board layout - compact and yet covers everything.

    I'm intrigued by the streamlined rules though - charioteer is pretty simple already :)

  2. Folded some of the mechanics of the original into each other so same results with less dice rolling then made some adjustments to make it a more strategic game. Also have a simple Campaign system - 8 races over 4 Locales, ending in the Circus Maximus - the tough part is winning to get there. Also able to race 8 chariots at a time with the cards, counters and board. Plus no need to write anything down.