Wednesday 18 September 2019

5150 Working Grave - Out Friday! Here's a Bat Rep

From start to finish it took 30 minutes, much of it writing the report. Just to be sure that everyone knows, this can be played with miniatures or counters, the Battle Board will work with minis as well.
Look for 5150 Working Grave to be released this Friday.


  1. You had me sold at the first BatRep! So, I see this is how an escort works. I was a little unclear still about that if they are actually targeted but this clears it up as they are targeted. Makes sense. Do you take the NPC challenge test for them ducking back?

    1. That would work. I figured when the shooting starts ducking back is kind of natural for someone and the Challenge would be to see if they got into the fight - if they are armed.

    2. They could also be terrified and not able to move!

    3. Yep, can put that into the Challenge.
      If armed and want to shoot?Take a difficult Challenge, fail and Duck Back.
      If unarmed and wan to Duck Back? Take easy Challenge, fail and freeze in place.