Saturday 12 August 2017

NUTS Final Version Step by Step How to - Part One

NUTS Final Version is a Squad based game with each figure representing one man. Inside the book we've included a Step by Step section to get you going.

I'll use it to show you how it works.

1 - Create my Star - I am the Star, the Squad Leader. Rep 5 (how good I am from 3 to 5).  As a Star I get and my two Attributes - one I roll randomly and the other I can choose. These are traits that affect how the figure fights, shoots, takes Reaction Tests and more.  For this How To I'll be using a Rep 5 Leader without Attributes as they are optional.

2 - Decide who's fighting - I choose to play Americans and the Germans as my opponents. I'll only use 4 figures for this demo, normal squads are from 7 to 12.

3 - Create the sqaud members - I roll on the American Army List to get the Reps of the other 3 squad members. I have two Rep 4s and one Rep 3.  For ease of play I'll make all the Germans I run into Rep 4.

4 - Check Campaign Morale - I check the Campaign Morale of each side (4). Campaign Morale is used after each Mission.

5 - Check Investment Levels - I check for the Investment :Level of each side - how important the area of operations is to each side. The higher the level, the greater chance of Reinforcements during the game. Both sides start with a 3, but as the first Mission is always a Patrol, it's reduced by 1.

The whole process took 5 minutes.

Your 1st Mission in the Campaign is always a Patrol.

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  1. This is brilliant. I have the rules and to see it like this is a great thing. Thanks.