Tuesday 22 August 2017

NUTS AAR - Tank vs. Tank - How To Part One

Here's a step by step How To using tanks. In NUTS each crew member of each vehicle has its own Rep (a number used to see how well he does his job) and a job. 

Tank Commander -  Direct the Driver how to move, take the In Sight - acquire the target, fire the AA MG when not buttoned up, and take the vehicle Crisis (morale ) Test.

Gunner - Fire the Main Gun and coaxial MG.

Loader - Reloads the Main Gun and clears or reloads the coaxial MG.

Driver - Takes the Run Over and Lose Control Driving Tests when needed.

Bow Gunner - Operates the Hull MG.

If casualties occur, crew members may be forced to switch positions, often doing two or more jobs at the same time.

Once the opposing forces are out of side, the activation phase for the active side ends an d we go to the next group. In this case, the 2nd PEF. 

Part 2 


  1. Great revision session, like it!

    1. Quick foot note Ed; these AARs are the way ahead and really widen awareness of THW. Nice one.