Wednesday 23 August 2017

NUTS AAR - Tank vs. Tank - How To Part Two - Finale

Part One

Here's Part Two of the How To tank AAR from NUTS Final Version.

The whole game took 15 minutes to play. Once you have played a few games you can play very quickly as the tables are easy to memorize. 
Now about the tables.

There are a few more tables than you will find in other rule sets. This is because we've made all THW games playable solo with mechanics that give you realistic results. No drawing cards to see when the enemy moves, or "making the best decision", and we limit the knowledge of what you will run into every game. It requires about three additional tables and some dice roiling, but the results speak for themselves. 


  1. That is really useful, thanks. Would it be possible to do an example where there's more than one tank on a side?

    1. Sure, check this one out.

  2. Thanks Ed, I missed your reply. Really nice maps!