Sunday 9 April 2017

Step - By Step of Edd's Pub - Part Two - Who Are You and Who Are They?

You can bring your existing THW characters into Edd's Pub. But what if you choose to play as a Star using Edd's Pub? That's easy and to get started you have to define your character as well as all of the other NPCs and Creatures you'll find - over 50 of them.
Here's how we do it:

1 - Is is a Star or Grunt? Star, that's you. Grunt, that's all Non-Player Characters and Creatures run by the game mechanics.
2 - What is its Race? We've got nine to choose from.
3 - What is its Alignment? You can choose to Red Sun (Good Guy), Black Moon (Bad Guy) or Neutral (somewhere in between).
4 - What is its Reputation? This tells you how good the character is - from 3 to 10. You're a 5 at the start.
5 - What is its Class? There are 4 Classes and each tells you what the figure is best at. Stars? You can be Dual Class - choose any two of the following; Melee, Missile, Caster, or Healer.
6 -  What is its Armor Class? The higher the better. We use 3 basic, AC 2, AC 4 and AC 6, but with a little Magic, it's possible to be AC 8.
7 - Is it a Leader? This will be the Star or the character with the highest Rep in the group.

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