Friday 14 April 2017

Step-by-Step Edd's Pub - Part Four - Adventures on the Other Side

Fizzbo's Band has crossed over. Looking at the map we see that they have landed in the Woods, the only way to come and go between Talomir and the Other Side. They have to resolve 3 + 1/2d6 Possible Enemy Forces (PEFs). They will do this when they arrive for the first time and every time they choose to Stay Put in an area. 

Each of the four areas has their own Who Are They Tables to see what you have run into. When you leave an area you roll to see how many PEFs in that area must be resolved before you reach the new area. As this represents traveling to the new area you use the Who Are They table for the area you are leaving. Let's see what happens to Fizzbo.

I roll 1d6 and score a 2 - Fizzbo must resolve 5 PEFs in the Woods.  I roll 2d6 on the PEF Resolution Table versus the Rep of 4 to see what happens and pass 1d6. "Something's out there". The first PEF is resolved, but future PEFs must be resolved using 3d6. I roll again and score the same result! That's 2 PEFs resolved.

I roll a 3rd time and pass 2d6 with a 4 and 3. This means Fizzbo has met a group with 5 figures in it. The total of your 2d6 score on the Resolution Table tells you the number of NPCs you've met.

I now roll on the Woods Who Are They Table to see what I've met. Wererats!
Just to be clear, you roll dice a few times each Encounter because you are building the Story. Before each Encounter you don't know what you will meet and how many of them there are! This makes the games much more exciting and insures that they will never play the same.

So what now?  Part Five

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