Saturday, 15 April 2017

5150 Spaceships on Kickstarter!

I cut a deal with Travis that will allow me to use his very cool new spaceships in the 5150 Universe. I'll be doing a Bat Rep soon using them as he was kind enough to give me some. That means the ships can be produced quickly! Check it out and grab some before the Kickstarter finishes and prices go up to normal!



  1. I've been wanting these since you first mentioned them. Looking forward to the project funding.

  2. Hey Ed, any chance you'll have the battle report completed before the Kickstarter ends on April 30? Would love to use it for an update.

    1. Yep, this week for sure, maybe two of them as I have an upcoming game that these would work for. Travis already consented for me to use the three Factions as Gaea Prime, Hishen and Zhuh-Zhuh.