Wednesday 7 September 2016

5150 Back Alley Brights Lights the Stand Alone Supplement

5150 Urban Renewal is a great introduction to New Hope City, a large RPG Sci Fi city where you can adventure in. Urban Renewal tells you all about the city and has multiple Encounters. 

5150 Back Alleys Bright Lights takes you deeper into New Hope City, starting with Little Hisha, a Low Income Area of the city populated mainly by Hishen Aliens. Where Back Alleys Bright Lights differs from Urban Renewal is the mechanics that allow the players to deeply interact with the Non-Player Characters they run into. 

With 16 different Alien types and a wide variety of Professions, each Interaction is a chance to take your Story into a different direction. You may start with a Chillin' Encounter, but while on it you meet NPCs that could make Job Offers, attempt to rob you, befriend you and much more.

Here's a sample of the City Tiles with one of the counters we've included in the game.

Because we're focusing on Little Hisha, one of the 11 Areas of New Hope City, we've included 5 double-sided City Tiles that can be used for your adventures. Use them to track your characters as you move about the Area from Building to Building, then take them to the Battle Board to resolve and conflict.

Now why do we call it a Stand Alone Supplement? Because while you can use it with other THW rules such as Urban Renewal or Fringe Space, it includes a set of combat rules based on the 2d6 Sci Fi Combat system, but tailored for New Hope City.

So to re-cap, you can use Back Alleys Bright Lights with other rules, by itself, and with the City Tiles and Counters included in the game. Watch for upcoming Bat Reps and a detailed Step by Step.