Monday 19 September 2016

28mm Sci Fi Resin Terrain Project - Looking for Input

I've been approached by a manufacturer to produce terrain for a 12x12 Battle Board for use with 5150 rules, both Urban Renewal and Star Army. It would be for 28mm figures. Think terrain that can be placed on the tiles, both inside structures and outside.

Any ideas?


  1. Being a 15mm guy, I don't really have dog in the fight. But, I'd suspect:
    * doors and walls (interior and exterior)
    * scatter terrain suitable for urban use (kiosks, trash cans, etc.)
    *control consoles
    *machinery and equipment

    Just some thoughts.

  2. ATM
    Phone box (holophone)
    Public information terminal
    Tool rack
    gun rack
    Body scanner (like airport security type)
    vending machines
    future trash piles/disposal

    Lots of possibilities!

  3. Personally, I use terrain primarily for tactical value. THW rules already implement in an abstract way indoors furniture with the cover and concealment. So I like to add large objects only, to offer duck back positions. It can be a sofa, a pool table, large shelves in a shop. In a back alley, the good old skip, in the street, a vending machine, an ATM. Rocks, bushes for desert, etc...