Thursday, 4 August 2016

BUGS! 5150 Star Army 2nd Tour?!

5150 Star Army was the last set of rules to come out with the older mechanics - the ones used in NUTS Final Version and other current rule sets. After 5 years it's time to bring it up to date. That leaves only FNG to update. Here's an AAR of a play test we did a few days ago. Had to use some plastic scorpions to represent the Bugs and it worked great. 5150 Star Army 2nd Tour will have two color counter sheets that can be used. Here's some of the artwork by Jason Smith.

The game  was rolled and the Star Army was invading a Bug Controlled Planet - Investment Level 4. It would normally be a job for the ISS but we used Star Army in this play test.
The game started with one Squad of 6 figures and three PEFs.

 Shooting is the way to deal with the Bugs, as melee is what the Bugs do best. 2nd Tour is based around individual figures instead of units. So it's possible for the Bugs to win a round of melee and then if the other Squad member pass the Crisis test, they can fire at the bugs before they attack again.
 The red blast markers were used to track the dead and the colored triangles helped remember how many shots were applied to the Bugs. These were removed after shooting as neither are necessary to play.
 During the game the Star Army was reinforced by the Rest of the Platoon, but the Bugs generated two Bug Holes with lots of Bugs. We used cockroaches for Flyers.
 At the end of the game, the Star Army was repelled at great loss.
More to follow.


  1. I want a re-match! Next time I want to use ISS troopers ;)

  2. Holy crap! Space scorpions! Does SA include rules for nukes?

  3. It all sounds great but I must compliment the artist. I love that style of game art.

  4. Awesome news! The original Star Army is still near and dear to my heart(heck the original 5150 is as! I'll definitely keep an eye out for this one!

    My bug "army" is a bunch of cheap plastic spiders...they work great in 15mm or 25-28mm as well.


    1. I mean - Yep, my pack of them arrives today from Amazon.

    2. lol...I gathered that! I hit the Party stores the week after Halloween and buy them in bulk for cheap, clearance prices! A bug is a bug after all...;)

      I even found some plastic flies for, yep, flyers! I've got some pukers as well...

  5. Sorry for the follow-up post, but will this include Zhuh-Zhuhs and vehicle rules as well?


    1. There are lists for...
      •Bugs (page ##).
      •Free Companies (page ##).
      •Gaea Prime (page ##).
      • ISS (page ##).
      • Planet Defense Force (page ##).
      • Planetary Militia (page ##).
      • Rebels (page ##).
      • Star Army (page ##).
      • Symons (page ##).
      •Hishen Empire (page ##).
      • Grath (page ##).
      • Hishen (page ##).
      •Ikwen (page ##).
      •Zhuh-Zhuh (page ##).
      • Assault (page ##).
      • Infantry (page ##).

      No Vehicle outside of Drop ships. There will be a Vehicle Campaign/Book like Hell Hath No Fury for those that want to use vehicles.

    2. Oooohhh....that sounds good, HHNF book for sci-fi?

      I see Ikwen as a choice, nice...a new army to play and in 15mm!

  6. Hey,

    One more quick question...will this version of Star Army use the same command structure as the original...i.e. a 4-man Platoon command and a 4-man company command...or will it be similar to Platoon Leader with single fig command "units"?


    1. 3 figure sections and 6 figure squads. So a Platoon has three 6 man squads plus a 3 mand Platoon leader section and two Support Weapons.

      Company will have two platoons plus one 3 man section for company command and one Support weapon.

      ISS has 3 man squads and are officially - Bad A$$. Watch for the upcoming Bat Rep.

    2. lol...I'm looking forward to it, thanks for the reply! I plan on using the 3man command element in my Platoon Leader games as well!

      I got to get more Power Armor painted!



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