Sunday 14 August 2016

5150 Star Army - 2nd Tour the Ikwen!

Here's another Bat Rep for 2nd Tour. This one features the Ikwen, a great alien race from  Loud Ninja Games and available here.  

The Ikwen in 5150

Towering mineral vents pierce the crust of Kwiell, the Home World of the Ikwen, venting strange, nutrient and mineral rich materials into the atmosphere.  These vents are the source of the strange bio-silicates that make Kwiell desirable for exploitation by other, more advanced, Races.

Gaea Prime has established a presence on Kwiell in hopes of exploiting these natural resources. After diplomatic attempts proved unsuccessful to reach a peaceful resolution, the Ikwen have begun military operations.  Unable to fight on even terms, the Ikwen have resorted to guerrilla warfare. 

The close proximity of the Gaea Prime Star Army on Ikwen, now openly viewed as an occupation force, has caused the Zhuh-Zhuh Confederation to be concerned. This has resulted in Gaea Prime charges that the Zhuh-Zhuh has been supplying the Ikwen with weapons and other forms of military support.



  1. A very bad day for the Star Army, beaten by a bunch Monkey supported Iguanas, and a lousy Platton Leader named Lt. Chad Gorman - actually defeated by horrible dice rolls LOL

  2. OK Ed, you got me, just bought Battalion Commander....)

  3. More awesome stuff Ed! Perhaps ISS is needed again?

    If you don't mind me asking, what size table are you running these games on?


    1. 3x3 tables. ISS is reserved for Bugs. Ikwen and such is Star Army. Maybe more experienced officers? :)

  4. Go Ikwen!

    Glad to see the fight for freedom goes well, so far.