Wednesday 17 August 2016

Nuts! Big Battles - Final Sneak Peek : Tank Combat

Nuts! Big Battles has landed!  Just in case you’re still hungry to know more, here’s a final Sneak Peek...

A German StuG (Rep 4; Arm 3; APR 4) rolls into view of a US Sherman (also Rep 4; Arm 3; APR 4). The Sherman wins the In Sight and fires! To Shoot, the Sherman rolls 2d6 vs Rep (just like Infantry).

A US Sherman takes aim at a StuG III and opens fire.

It passes 1d6 – enough to hit the StuG in the open! (If the StuG had stayed in Cover, the Sherman would've needed to pass 2d6)

Next, we check for Penetration: our Sherman rolls 1d6, with Circumstance modifiers (such as +1 for each point of APR above the target’s Armor Value, or +2 for a hit in the Rear). As the Sherman’s APR is higher than the StuG’s Armor, it'll need a 6 or better to destroy it. 

The shot fails to Penetrate...

The US rolls a 3 and adds a +1 bonus for having a higher APR, for a total result of 4 – the shot didn’t penetrate the StuG, but it has forced a Clank Test (1d6 vs Rep) to see how it reacts:

...but forces the Germans to take a Clank Test.

The StuG passes 1d6, so will return fire…

The StuG returns fire...

…passing 2d6, which hits the Sherman!  Does it Penetrate?

...and pierces the Sherman's front armor.

The StuG rolls a 5  +1 APR bonus for a total of 6

The Ronson brews up!

...and the Sherman erupts in flame!

In the above example, each of the vehicles  has a higher APR than its target’s Armor. In the next example below, our trusty Sherman has stumbled upon a German Panther (Rep 5; Armor 4; APR 6).

As the Sherman’s APR is not higher than the Panther’s Armor, it is considered Undergunned: as such, it would need to roll 2d6 on the Penetration Table, requiring a result of 12+ to destroy the enemy tank.

The Sherman has the Panther's Rear in its sights.

The Sherman again rolls 2d6 vs Rep to Hit, passing 1d6 and hitting the exposed Panther in the Rear (behind the Front Facing), receiving a +2 bonus to its Penetration roll:

The shot slams home.

The Undergunned Sherman rolls 2d6 for Penetration and counts its +2 bonus, for a total of 12 – the shot finds a weak point in the Panther's

The Panther is knocked out!

… and the big cat bursts into flame!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series of Sneak Peeks. We’ve only scratched the surface – inside NBB you’ll also find Sections on
  •           Vehicle vs Infantry combat
  •           Structures
  •           Terrain 
  •           Non-Player tactics and PEF
  •           Campaign play 

Speaking of Campaigns, included in NBB is Campaign ’44, a series of ten Missions that take the fight all the way to Berlin.

Grab a copy of Nut! Big Battles now from the Two Hour Wargames store and join the fight!


  1. Great work Greg and Ed! I, like many, have tons of questions; however, I shall be downloading a copy later today before devouring. Wait out :D

  2. Really like your sneak peak!