Wednesday 27 August 2014

Snatch and Grab - Advancing the Story

 Previously on Snatch and Grab.

“Don’t argue with me Billy, we’re short on time,” Ashlynn said. “If the three of us split up we can cover more ground. You know I’m right.”
She was, and Billy couldn’t argue with her. “Ashlynn, give me your Comm-Link. Elliot.” He said. After a minute of pushing buttons on all three Comm-Links he handed Ashlynn Elliot’s Comm-Link and his to Elliot. “Call me.”
Ashlynn punched in Billy’s number and her Link rang. “What?” she asked.
“Just in case you’re being tracked by your Comm-Link,” Billy said. “You’ve Elliot’s Comm-Link and he has mine, but we’ll still get calls like normal. Let’s get going then. Let’s meet up at Toby’s around 11."
The three went their separate ways.
With nine more clues left to be solved in a short time splitting up was a good idea. But getting Ashlynn killed was a bad idea. So to decrease the odds I had Billy switch Comm-Links with Ashlynn.  In game terms , this meant if an ambush on Ashlynn was rolled the target would be Bill instead. 

Using NHC PI can advance the story without having to set up the table. Here's what happened:

  • Rolling on the Advance the Investigation Table in NHC, PI, two Objects and one Person of Interest needed to be resolved.
  • I gave Elliot the first object, check out the intersection where the kidnapping took place. This was a success and the clue was resolved as video ID of the vehicle. 
  • Ashlynn took the next object, at the Victim's place of work. She failed. With a Difficulty Factor of 5, any attempt to Find an Object would be tough. Elliot was lucky, Ashlynn not so much.
  • The Person of Interest was the name Captain Krell from the Hishen. Billy went looking for info. He was successful, in part by using Noel - a Net Runner he had met and worked with on the Sudden Death case. He found out that Krell owned a private security firm. Questioning him he solved an other Clue. That was three of the ten solved with 9 Day Parts left. 

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