Tuesday 26 August 2014

5150 Urban Renewal - New Hope Cityscape in the Works

Working on a project that will expand your 5150 Urban Renewal games.
It's called New Hope Cityscape.

16 tiles that can be set in four directions with each edge having a building that you can explore.
So that's 64 possible buildings. All the buildings are color coded. So the green tagged buildings are Greens (Coffee Houses) the yellow are Restaurants, the white Office Buildings. Here's an example of a block in the City Hall section.

So how do they work? You lay them out, next to each other and the gray border forms a street that you  can move your 15mm figures or PEF markers on.

But there are nine different area types in NHC from the City Center to the Space Port and a variety of income related areas in between.

And each are has a different color coding for it's buildings. So when you enter the Pub & Rec Area the tile above now becomes green (Green), yellow, a Night Club, and white - Restaurants. So instead of 64 buildings in one area we now have up to 576 buildings that can be explored. But wait, there's more!

Each color coded tag has a number...the number of floors in the building. There's 176 floors in each set of 16 tiles which means with 9 areas to explore we're looking at  potentially 2816 PEFs (1 per floor).

PLUS, we've added two new areas outside of NHC called Outside (how appropriate) and Elysium.

"Enjoy perfect happiness...come to Elysium."

This simple and inexpensive product will be home to many 5150 Urban renewal scenarios coming in the near future.

Watch for more updates and here's a demo.

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